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John Fawcett

Director John Fawcett
Genre:Horror, mainstream film and television
Best known for:

Ginger Snaps


Gemini Award


John Fawcett is mainly known for his work in television, where he has directed episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, La Femme Nikita, Saving Hope and Rookie Blue, among many others.

Fawcett studied filmmaking at the Canadian Film Centre. His first feature film was The Boy's Club, an award-winning coming-of-age drama about 14-year-old boys. He decided to follow it with something about girls, realized that he'd never seen a female werewolf film, and saw an opportunity to reinvent the genre. Together with writer Karen Walton, he conceived and wrote Ginger Snaps, whose unique approach to the genre earned much critical acclaim.


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