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Writings on film. Shock and art. There may be blood.

The Founding 13

Thirteen films were chosen as the ones to be featured at site launch. These 13 movies provide a good cross-section of what is all about. They are:

These films span a period from 1932 to the present day. Several countries are represented. The movies were not chosen for their directors, but if they had been, most of the same directors would have been included. There are mainstream Hollywood films alongside obscure independent productions. Some contain elements of satire, while others are humorless.

Topics such as feminism, the arms race, plague, the individual capacity for violence, the corrupting environment of Hollywood, subversion of democracy for the benefit of a wealthy ruling class, mind control, and the connection of technology with the body and mind are among those covered here. Many were made for the explicit purpose to carry a message, while others are simply entertainment done well.

Many of the classic horror threats are here, including vampires and werewolves, a giant monster, aliens, serial killers, sociopaths, and conspiracies. We have body horror, classic gothic atmosphere, extreme horror, psychological horror and supernatural horror. Sunset Boulevard is not horror, but has elements of the macabre and the insane. King of the Ants is a revenge film that has more terror than most actual horror films. No zombies or slashers were included, but if they had been, Dawn of the Dead (1978) and A Nightmare on Elm Street would have been obvious choices.

All of these are either considered classics or deserve to be. They are not, strictly speaking, a "favorites" list, but taken together are a great foundation on which to build this site.


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